Hello! We are SOZO.DO
We Help Maximize The Good You Do By Leveraging The Internet and Other Modern Tools and Resources

Currently, we spend the majority of our time managing TheMajestysMen.com and their network of sites for men’s blogs, podcasts, ministries, and churches, called the HNR.GD Network, as well as their newborn sister site and network for women, FruitfulandFearless.com.

We’re always up for helping a good cause or good people (yes, that includes small businesses too), and we do take on a few other clients as time allows. So if you need website or app design or development or hosting, brand consultation and development, graphic design, copywriting, social media, email marketing, traditional PR, advertising, printing, podcast consultation or hosting, etc., then reach out using the contact info below. We’d love to learn about your work or hear about your desires.

If we can’t take you on, we know other great folks in these areas who we can connect you with.